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Why offer a self-defense course to your employees?

Traditional wellness programs tell employees exactly which habits they need to focus on and change (e.g., like quitting smoking or changing their diet). But health habits are not only about eating well, or exercising, they are also a matter of making the right kinds of decisions when it comes to problem solving, project management, or prioritization.

Pretty Deadly At Work helps teams create healthier behaviors, which translates into less stress, more creativity, and higher productivity.

Our corporate workshops are powerful team-building experiences that enhance company culture and employee benefits. Based on our foundation program, we use the essential principles of martial arts repackaged into fun, accessible self defense techniques and exercises that build trust and strengthen bonds.

The change is transformational: simply feeling safe reduces conflict, improves communication, and reconnects employees to each other, and to the company.


Feeling safer is not just a basic need, it also means less stress, which ultimately results in less illness and wasted time, and higher productivity and creativity.


Be a proactive employer! Empower your team to handle potentially dangerous incidents before they even happen, both inside and outside the workplace.


Yoga classes, fitness center membership, skills training, insurance and fresh fruit. Think about self-defense as part o the wellness benefits you offer your employees.

Pretty Deadly was able to teach and demonstrate an impressive amount of techniques in a short period of time while simultaneously encouraging students to trust themselves and their abilities. We have received a plethora of positive feedback and found the workshop to be inspiring, informative, and enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.
--Marci Otranto
OECD Alora, France

Make self defense part of your employee wellness package!

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