The Pretty Deadly Outreach program is designed to help women, girls and young children handle aggression on the street, in the workplace, at home and in shelters. We provide free self defense training courses and workshops, as well as volunteer training for NPO members who wish to provide self defense workshops themselves.

Violence against women and girls is often known as a hidden crime, and it is assumed that the reported cases are a small proportion, especially among women in vulnerable populations, e.g., sex workers, homeless women, and refugees who are often not informed about their rights in the host countries or they fear it may put their asylum status at risk.

The Pretty Deadly Outreach program has been developed with members of Doctors Without Borders (Jordan), CAIR Massachusetts, aid workers in Calais and Thessaloniki, and from our surveys and research conducted directly with participants in Berlin.

The program helps participants identify where they are already effective in defending themselves and keeping their families safe, while honoring cultural backgrounds and gender hierarchies.

In our Outreach classes and workshops, we focus on moving in normal clothing (e.g., not sport clothing, but incorporating movement sensitive to wearers of hijab, garments that provide full cover, etc.); adapting techniques to everyday movements while reducing the risk of payback or punishment; and teaching participants to recognise where they already practice self defense in their day to day lives.

Today I was verbally attacked by a man on the bus. After I stepped out of the bus I was surprised at how good I managed the conflict and stayed calm and de escalated. Later I remembered why! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
--Sadaf F

  • Contribute to the safety of women and vulnerable communities.
  • Empower women, girls and members of these communities through building their confidence.
  • Provide self defense training that addresses the specific fears and doubts faced by members of women, girls and vulnerable communities.

For more information about working with Pretty Deadly Outreach or Volunteer Training, please send an email to outreach@prettydeadly.org


Pretty Deadly Outreach works with local and international nonprofit organizations: