Our Program

The Pretty Deadly Self Defense Program focuses on practical self defense for realistic needs.

Levels are designed around specific scenarios, rather than complexity of techniques learned. Rather than Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced; think of them as General, Social, Intimate.

Level 1


Beginners welcome! It focuses on:- Basic moves & awareness- Techniques based on natural movement- Blocks, kicks strikes, and take-downs- Designed for the most common forms of harassment & attack

Level 1 highlights
+building confidence,
+learning how your biological self defense system really works
+all about your intuition, and
+learning how to make space and get away.

Level 2


You already know the story, now learn the moves This course builds on the foundation moves you learned in Level 1, and applies them to common scenarios: a night out, in the subway, on the street.

Level 2 focuses on:
+situational awareness
+the social price of self defense
+reducing the risk of retaliation/punishment
+what to do when confronted with a group

Level 3


Level 3 takes the foundation moves from Level 1 + the situational awareness skills you mastered in Level 2, and brings them to intimate settings: on a date, in the home, date rape.

Level 3 enhances:
+ strategic thinking
+ how to defend yourself with common objects
+ your advantages in familiar surroundings
+ what to do on a date gone bad & date rape

Pretty Deadly Self Defense is more than just learning to stay safe. We help you
find tools within yourself to handle anxiety, stress and fear by building
confidence and self-trust, showing you how to adapt to anything,
and be ready for everything!

Online Courses

Pretty Deadly Livestream teaches the basics of self defense movement, practicing with everyday items around the house. Plus, exercises for balance, interactive discussion, and games designed especially to build confidence, awareness and self-trust. Connect from anywhere in the world and join us for a 1-week course of self defense at your own pace, in your own space.