Pretty Deadly Self Defense App

At Pretty Deadly Self Defense, we strongly believe in your natural ability. Self defense isn't just about fighting back - it's about knowing your boundaries, trusting yourself, your own capabilities, bringing your power into the open and never having to hide who your are -- that's why we want to bring you Pretty Deadly wherever you are, via our mobile app for iOS and Android:


  • 10 Basic techniques learned through video & audio guides, or audio only
  • Empowerment snapshots: short video instruction about situational awareness & strategic thinking
  • Daily Cuppa: daily reminders of how awesome your are!
  • Closed chat community: to connect with other app users to share sotries, tips and tricks
  • Rockin' soundtrack: original rock tracks by indie artist She Makes War (how cool is that?!)

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App Parties

The Pretty Deadly Mobile App features an in-app chat function where users can find each other and train the techniques in the app together. In order to make sure the techniques are being trained effectively and that local training groups are safe environments, app parties are hosted by our certified Community Coaches, Pretty Deadly users like you who have a deeper understanding of the techniques in the app and can lead a group in safe training.

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