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Pretty Deadly’s mission is to help millions of women feel safer through accessible, user-focused self defense.

We do this by providing trainer certification and course curriculum to martial arts and fitness professionals to deliver an innovative, field-tested program that grows their client base, supports existing members, and makes a positive community impact setting the stage for long-term vitality.

Women spend 50% of our time strategizing how to stay safe. Imagine if we could free up that time so we can contribute to the things that really matter: education, economic empowerment, community building, and building a better world.


At Pretty Deadly, we believe bodily autonomy is a basic human right, and everyone has a right to occupy their own space.

• Equality

• Diversity

• Intersectionality

• Inclusivity

• Community Responsibility


Transparency is a crucial component of trust, and we endeavor to work with providers and partners who share our mission and values.

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Our Outreach Programs are the heart and soul of Pretty Deadly Self Defense. All of our paid programming funds our volunteer efforts to bring self defense to the most vulnerable people.

Our Outreach Programming is divided into four categories, and adapted for each situation based on input from our expert trainers, professionals in the field, and stakeholders themselves:

ANA: Program for refugee women. “Ana” means “mother” in Turkish and “I (am)” in Arabic.  

DIANE: program for domestic violence survivors (for shelters). Named after the goddess of the hunt, and childbirth, known for protecting children and mothers.  

LINDA: program for homeless women. “Linda” also means “pretty” or “beautiful” in Spanish. 

KRIZTINE: program for street sex workers / sex trafficking victims. Named after founder Susie Kahlich’s niece, who was killed in 2018 by an ex boyfriend when she was only 21. During her short lifetime, Kriztine was a generous and loving soul, who welcomed people and animals of all natures with a soft spot for oddballs and misfits. She made them feel like they belonged. 

Outreach Partners

Our partners help us reach the people who need us most:

Aurat Raaj

The Sambhavya Foundation

The Mirror PK