Máirelise R.

I have been training in martial arts since the summer before starting college, purely as a means to better handle a lightsaber and especially to spend more time with my best friend before moving into the dorms. Over the years I fell in love with the art and the community. Martial arts is now a staple in my lifestyle. I am passionate about building a more peaceful world and, particularly, about protecting the rights and safety of migrants.


Los Angeles

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I also teach...

App Parties, Pretty Deadly Online

Why come to my class

I believe in the importance of community. When we build a strong community we train better, we have more fun, and we have greater respect for one another.

When not teaching, I'm

I’m adventuring and exploring everywhere I can! I love traveling, experiencing and seeing new things, being outdoors, and always being active with the people I care about.

Favourite Pretty Deadly move

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