Seriina C.

Seriina is a certified Level 2 Community Coach. She hosts App Parties (supervised informal training) and teaches the online course, Basics of Self Defense Movement. Seriina got her first taste for martial arts in high school when she went to an American Kenpo school with her friend. She ended up joining on a whim to see how far she could go. Two black belts and three styles later she’s a bona fide martial arts lifer. When she’s not training she spends her time working with her movie dogs, shooting indie films with her husband, and writing her blog to continue to raise awareness about mast cell diseases.


Los Angeles

Pretty Deadly since




I also teach...

App Parties, Pretty Deadly Online

Why come to my class

I'm really good at helping people with physical limitations, and making sure we are training safely with respect to everyone's limits.

When not teaching, I'm

I'm cultivating my orchid collection!

Favourite Pretty Deadly move

Dishes, Dammit!