Stanislav M.

Stanislav is a certified Pretty Deadly Trainer. He teaches Pretty Deadly Level 1, Pretty Deadly At Work, and Sparks for Kids. Stanislav is our Hannover connection! He has been practicing Zen-Karate, QiGong, WuChi Dao and meditation for 6 years, and teaches QiGong and WuChi Dao as well. He believes that every child and teen should learn self-defense to gain self confidence, and loves training Pretty Deadly with his 12 year old twins. Stanislav is an entrepreneur at heart, starting with his hotel management business, Mahlin Hotel Management, adding his brilliant charity booking platform Charity Hotels, and soon to be introducing his passion project, Nice Mais (website coming soon). He also organizes Hannover Charity Runners, a Sunday morning running and activity group for local families.



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I also teach...

At Work, Pretty Deadly Level 1, Sparks

Why come to my class

You get to groove to Depeche Mode and be inspired by my favorite movite, Pursuit of Happyness.

When not teaching, I'm

I'm Running hotels and startups projects.

Favourite Pretty Deadly move

Yass Queen