Zipporah K.

I’m from Uganda, and am located in Entebbe. I was attracted to Pretty Deadly Self Defense because of the love I’ve had to feel empowered by an inner skill set that makes me feel safe as I walk on the streets in my home area. I desired to become an instructor because I believe the ladies in my community have been waiting on such an opportunity to feel safe in their own skin but did not have the confidence to engage in such activities due to lack of chance and an opening where a lady trains them in self defense.

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Why come to my class

I love all the movies with women as superheroes or where women kick ass, so we'll dance to my favorite song: “Confident” by Demi Lovato.

When not teaching, I'm

I am a practicing communications practitioner. I enjoy advocating for the rights of the less advantaged and have a passion for charity. I train women on how to negotiate authentically with skills that already exist within themselves as Negotiatress Uganda.

Favourite Pretty Deadly move

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