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Moving from center is fundamental to effective self defense. Learn how to connect and rebalance your center in this 1-hour virtual workshop.
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This 5-part self-paced course introduces you to the first steps of learning self defense, from how to make a fist to how to identify danger. Learn in the safety of your own space and at your own pace.



Your Grandmother's Self Defense ;)

We used to say NOT your grandmother's self defense, but the truth is, women have been honing situational awareness and strategic thinking skills passed down from our mothers and grandmothers for hundreds of years. We're more powerful than we think!

Trainer Certification

Pretty Deadly began certifying self defense instructors in 2018 with the goal of making accessible self defense more accessible to more women, while offering fitness and martial arts pros a proven method for teaching self defense effectively and truly helping clients grow.


Created by violent crime survivor and martial artist Susie Kahlich, the Pretty Deadly Program was developed as an answer to traditional, fear-driven self defense courses that too often scare people away for the very reasons they're learning self defense in the first place!

Trauma-informed Approach

Pretty Deadly's self defense instructor certification course takes a trauma-informed approach to support both clients and instructors in safe, healthy environments.

What A Pretty Deadly Class Is Like

Emphasizing functional movement and body dynamics, Pretty Deadly classes are modeled on Crossfit's limited class size to encourage connection and take advantage of personal training in a small group training setting, and Zumba's high-energy choreography and sheer joy of movement.

International Community

The Pretty Deadly Trainer Community includes martial artists, personal trainers, yoga instructors and boxing coaches from Pakistan to the UK, and Germany to USA.

Pretty Deadly Worldwide

It's a winning combination that's been empowering thousands of people around the world since 2016.

Be A Part of Something Bigger

Pretty Deadly dedicates a portion of its profits to its volunteer work bringing self defense to vulnerable groups. Visit our Mission page to learn more about our field work fueled by our global community.


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